Environment saving

Zhongyuan EMITt Co., Ltd. is a system integrated company specializing in the construction of purification air conditioning engineering, production and sales of purification filter screen, sales of purification equipment, sales of measuring instruments, construction and maintenance of clean room (purification workshop), maintenance of air conditioning equipment, and intelligent management of purification air conditioning.


The company has advanced technical personnel with outstanding technology, experience and ability. Participated in, designed and constructed a large number of purification projects, mainly involving microelectronics, circuit board (PCB), liquid crystal (LCD), touch screen (TP), precision instruments (digital camera, etc.), biological products, medicine, food (mineral water, jelly, etc.), cosmetics, plastic chemical industry, optical motor and many other fields.

No matter the high purity clean room required by the production and research products, or the simple cleanroom used for testing and assembling products, with our rich performance experience and unremitting technical research and development, we provide a complete set of clean room solutions to meet all the expectations of customers.

With comprehensive purification technology, first-class engineering design, first-class construction quality and first-class technical service, Zhongyuan EIMT Co., Ltd. has been praised a by the majority of users to meet the latest requirements of modern industry, and has established a good corporate image for the company in the whole purification industry.Recently, in the field of industrial research facilities such as electronics, medicine, food and cosmetics, micromachining technology technology has made rapid development.