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Talent concept 

Moral integrity and talent

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    Enterprise culture

    impartial and integrate

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    Operating phylisophy

    practical and rigorous

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    Talent training

    All staff training

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    Staff care

    Match heart to heart

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Job Title Work Place Number of recruits Application requirements Release date
Project Manager yantai 2 Undergraduate 10-12-2019

Job Responsibilities:

Job responsibilities

1、Responsible for promotion within the station, using Tmall, Taobao marketing tools (through train, drilling exhibition, product sales treasure, Amoy, etc.) for product and store station promotion inside and outside;

2、Regularly analyze the store data and adjust the promotion plan in time;

3、Marketing campaign planning, implementation and tracking of results throughout the process;

4、Conduct promotional activities according to the company's product features, and carry out targeted marketing and promotion work;

5、Pay attention to the update and change of various official and unofficial marketing activities in the platform, follow up the activities in time, and improve the store traffic.


1、Full-time college degree or above, more than two years experience in Tmall platform operation and promotion, familiar with platform rules and promotion tools;

2、Can independently complete daily operations and marketing activities planning;

3、Successful cases of brand e-commerce operations are preferred, and those with relevant experience in clothing and cosmetics categories have an annual salary of more than 10 million;

4、Good at communication, conscientious and diligent, honest and honest, and professionalism;

5、High sense of responsibility, strong learning ability and team spirit.

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1、Meal supplement + room supplement + transportation subsidy + full attendance award;

2、Six insurance and one gold + annual medical examination;

3、All kinds of rich holiday gifts and surprises;

4、Advocate a happy culture, rich company and department activities, various clubs, tea parties, etc.;